Two Years of Service (Liam V. Jordan)

Cpl. Nguyen said:

PFC Jordan? More like, chore? Done. I didn’t expect this man to become the face of DP2S3 but he’s done it through two years of hard work and perseverance. Though we were in different squads, I had the pleasure of showing him the ropes and working with him in Light House where he has been doing excellently and guided countless recruits into Dog Company. He learned from the best of leadership from 2Lt. Brenholen briefly, to Cpl. Hauger, and Cpl. Scienski. This man is the embodiment of DP2S3 and one of its old guards. That made it even more fantastic when I saw him joined SLT earlier this year and got a leadership position so quickly in the squad, now actively guiding its direction into a new era. I’m honestly very thankful for his welcome into the squad and impressed with all the professionalism and hard work I’ve seen for the past two years. It’s been a long road and I hope it will be even much longer. Congratulations on the 4th AOCC and the Rainbow!


Welcome to the club

Congratulations Jordan, you got me in the unit and have been a good friend of mine for a long time, good job on sticking around for such a large amount of time, keep up the good work!

Welcome to the Rainbow Club, Jordan! It’s great to have you with us.

Congrats, Jordan!

We are the 1238th TP, congrats mate, ever forward!

Congrats Jordan!

1238TP indeed :wink: