Two Years of Service (Luke M. Scovel)

Sgt. Zylath said:

Privates, listen up. This is a 29th career to aspire towards. 2 years in the unit is a long time. It’s a good yardstick to measure one’s contributions by. And, at the risk of writing a novel, I’m going expound on some of Scovel’s. Let’s start with from the beginning. Scovel joined not long after I did. Early on, he identified himself as a top dog in the 29th. He said he wanted to be a sniper, but was talked into taking up the MG. This was a good choice, as he earned his marksman badge, sharpshooter badge, and scrimmage victory using this very weapon. Now, Scovel took his energy elsewhere. It was not good enough to just be the best; he had to teach others to be the best. Thus, Scovel took it upon himself to take up a prodigy, one PFC Fleming, now DP3 platoon sniper. Around this time, Scovel also decided he wanted to turn RS2 into his personal playground. Thus, he undertook a massive modding endeavor that brings us to the state of Dog today. And of course, any recollection of Scovel’s accomplishments would be remiss to forget his most recent and largest: the first ever expert badge in Dog Company. Today, T/5 Scovel, you stand as a pillar of our community. Your dedication demonstrates what it means to be a true 29ther and, I’d like to think, a true member of DP3S1. Congratulations.

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