Two Years of Service (Massimo S. Addante)

Cpl. Bukey said:

Cpl. Addante is the type of 29th member that has allowed this unit to exist and grow into the great organization you see today. This man has been here for 2 years, and he shows up to every drill with the enthusiasm and energy of a new private. All 29th members start as a rifleman, but not all of them know they want to be more, never slowing their drive or effort as they move towards that next goal. Cpl. Addante now leads a squad, but those who have spent any time with him will know that this is far from the end of the road for him. I’m confident that the longer he is here, the harder he will work to grow and contribute to the 29th, and I hope I’m here to see where he goes. Congratulations, Cpl. Addante.


Ill eat a meatball for this

That’s my ADI! Congrats you are part of the reason I was so excited to join the 29th during BCT so thank you for making the 29th a better place.