Two Years of Service (Mattes Wieben)

PFC Friedrich said:

Being here 2 years already PFC Wieben has shaped the Squad of DP1S1 like few others by being someone who can reliably take out a good chunk of the enemy force as well take over leadership when he has to, especially when the moments are dire. If it is with the rifle or with any helicopter, inflicting fear and insecureness is the trait this man always carries with him in the battle and I am always happy to have him as my Squad or as a Helo buddy. Congratulations for joining the rainbow club and I hope we will see us again.

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Rainbow club!

Congratulations PFC Wieben!

Congrats on joining the rainbowclub!

Congrats PFC Weiben!

My favorite German. Giving a quote to my other favorite German. Congratulations PFC and welcome to the club! Thanks for always guesting us