Two Years of Service (Matthew A. Patterson)

Sgt. Hanley said:

Cpl. Patterson is certainly a man of passion, and that is evident in everything that he does. His consistent attendance, skill development, and attempts to improves the performance of himself and his fellow 29th members is well known by all around him. Cpl. Patterson does not only possess the competencies and attitude of a leadership member with two years served in the 29th ID, but Cpl. Patterson goes above and beyond in everything that he does in an attempt to bring out the best in himself, his subordinates, the platoon, and the 29th ID as a whole. It should not be a surprise to anyone that Cpl. Patterson has been in long enough to receive his first World War I Victory Medal, the only surprise would be if Cpl. Patterson did not receive another one. Congratulations Cpl. Patterson on this award!