Two Years of Service (McLean G. Burlock)

Sgt. Leliveld said:

Cpl. Burlock has been an excellent addition to our collection of unique and exciting people in EP2S3, he at times will make me feel guilty because of how eager he is to do paperwork and other leadership duties. He has a real presence in the squad, and it’s noticeable when he isn’t here. He completes the squad and helps balance out all of the other large characters we have. He keeps a cool head and never forgets to put the squad first before himself. He is the kind of leader who’s always raising the mood and getting everyone in a good mindset. He’s also a great leader in-game and will never be afraid of a challenging scenario. He’s been able to pull out some impressive victories in his two years here, and I hope he’ll be able to stay for even longer. It’s been a great time with you, Cpl. Burlock, congrats on your fourth AoCC and 1st WW1 victory medal!


Cpl. Burlock is the type of guy we need here. Thank you for being with us for 2 years, I love you!!!

Congrats on the Milestone fellow Goose

Congrats, Burlock!