Two Years of Service (Mitch Argerham)

Cpl. Kabloski said:

Here he is, folks. FP2S3’s 50-year-old squad leader with the soul of a wolf. I remember him joining up like it was almost 2 years ago. Bright eyed, bushy-tailed, (very bushy-tailed), and asking me constantly “what did you get me into?” A vehicle, Argerham. I got you into a vehicle. And you drove that vehicle straight to leadership. Sure, you took a couple detours here and there, but it was mostly straight. Now he’s the squad leader! The leader of the pack, always ready to go to bat for his cubs. We couldn’t ask for a more dedicated alpha leader. Congrats on making it this far, Cpl. Argerham. I look forward to following you into battle for years to come. Awooah!

aocc_box ww1v

This guy is more mature than me and I’m a boomer. Congrats on the vet status, Argerham!