Two Years of Service (Natan S. Mello)

Cpl. Hanley said:

PFC Mello is a core member of DP3S3, and has been for a very long time. PFC Mello has had tremendous growth and improvement in his time with the 29th ID, and this can be seen in all areas of development. PFC Mello has gone from an average rifleman to an amazing combat engineer, able to use explosives with deadly effect. PFC Mello has also greatly developed as a person, becoming more comfortable, friendly, and humorous as time has went on. As a Brazilian, PFC Mello has also greatly expanded his knowledge of English, and engages more with fellow 29th members in and out of drills. PFC Mello is an all-around great member of the 29th, and it is a pleasure to have him in DP3. PFC Mello is expected to stay around and continue to do great things in the future.

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Congrats on two years TP buddy!