Rocket League Superliga

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Matchday 2: 7pm EST (12am BST) on Friday, April 29th.

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League table (current standings)


Royal Jovian ............ 11 (+22) .. 17
Neo-Coventryshire .. 10 (+1) .... 18
Oort Cloud City ......... 7 (-9) ..... 18
Mars Rocket Club ...... 6 (-13) ... 17

Full schedule:
Matchday 1: 7pm EST, Friday, April 15 (league matches)
Matchday 2: 7pm EST, Friday, April 22 (league matches)
Matchday 3: 7pm EST, Friday, April 29 (league matches)
Matchday 4: 7pm EST, Friday, May 6 (cup matches)

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Royal Jovian (RJ)
- Conrad
- Patty
- Balzer

Neo-Coventryshire (NC)
- Bergstrom
- Trv (replacing Stear)
- Giruvagen

Oort Cloud City (OCC)
- Scriz a.k.a. Lando Calscrizian
- Zim
- Frank

Mars Rocket Club (MRC)
- Anderson (Foxhole)
- Cosmonaut
- Adam
- Darkspace
- Rocky

Alternates: Phariss, Wheatley, Zenhenko (not available 15th or 29th), McDonough, Peroni

League format:
- 3v3, round-robin
- Beckwith/Mannfield/DFH, no rain/storms, default mutator settings, all-star bots (in case of disconnect)
- each matchday: 3 matches in a row against each other side, 1 point per win (goal difference is tiebreaker)

Cup format:
- 3v3, knock-out tournament, seeding determined by league placing
- semi-final: 1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd (higher seed picks map and custom settings)
- final with random settings (no true random mode exists, so we'll draw presets from a hat)

1st season results

League table:
1. Royal Jovian (6 points)
2. Moon Palace (3 points)
3. Neo-Coventryshire (2 points)
4. Oort Cloud City (1 point)

- 1st: Royal Jovian
- 2nd: Neo-Coventryshire
- semi-finalists: Oort Cloud City, Moon Palace

- complete player & team statistics (old thread)



  • My drill nights are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Fridays are often booked. Other than that with heads up I'm up for it!

  • As long as games start about 915 est, I'm in!

  • You can sign me in

  • I am interested IF we get enough GMT players to get a GMT division going. I can't play at EST friendly times.

  • It warms my heart to see so much interest! Thanks y'all.

    Sadly, I fear we'll lose some people due to time zone issues. My goal is to accommodate as many people as possible in a single league. Ideally, we could play earlier on weekends so the Europeans aren't up too late. We will see how many people sign-up in the next week or two.

    Hypothetically, a 2-division format could resemble a longer FIFA Confederations Cup. We would need at least 18 players (3v3) or 12 players (2v2), divided between two round-robin groups. For balance, lots of non-GMT players would need to join GMT teams. The best 2 teams from each group would go into the knock-out stage (which would only last one day, allowing both time zones to come together).

  • Count me in. EST

  • Ok den, FSgt. has recruited me.

  • I'm probably able to play at GMT times depending on the day.

  • I'm hyped. We might achieve my dream of more than four teams, as Balzer's invited some friends. At least three of them want to play together, but I checked their ranks and it won't disturb the balance.

    Let's make April Fools (Friday, April 1st) the sign-up deadline. That's a week from now. Afterwards we'll form teams, a.k.a. drawing names out of a hat.

  • Saturday will likely be much less hospitable for matches due to an upcoming unitwide competition. So hopefully we can slot in for another day that isn't Wednesday or Friday.

  • Good to know. This will be a regular weekly event?

  • Weekly event for the next two months+

  • Hi, Anderson here from the 2nd. We have 5 guys who want to play, so we can do 3v3 and have a couple alternates!

    Team Name: TBA

    Anderson (Foxhole)- Veteran
    Cosmonaut- Veteran
    Adam- Veteran
    Darkspace- Pro
    Rocky- Semi-Pro

    We will not team stack with our veteran ranked players.

    Our time zone is EST.

  • Huzzah! We're definitely looking bigger than last time.

    Scheduling a matchday: I think we need to sort this out after April 1st, when the 29th has figured out the unit-wide event schedule for Saturdays. Otherwise Fridays might work best.

    And let the record show that Anderson's expressed interest in taking on the Mars Rocket Club mantle for 3 of our friends from the 2nd. (Look forward to a map of the solar system in the year 3000.)

  • We're still accepting sign-ups all weekend while I wait to learn more about the 29th's unit-wide event schedule.

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    The unitwide 29th event will have Saturday more or less locked down down from like noon to 8 est for the next 8 weeks. Not everyone will be participating at the same time however, so once you make the teams, I could easily cross reference who is in the superliga and who is in our event and tell you when they would be unavailable to play for their team at a particular time.

  • TrvTrv
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    Let's pick a regular matchday!

    Each matchday will take 1 to 1.5 hours. Each team will play 2 matches against each other team, for a maximum of 10 matches in a day. (This might get modified depending on how many teams we have.)

    The options:

    Fridays, 7pm EST (12am BST) --first matchday: April 15th
    Saturdays, 9pm EST (2am BST) --first matchday: April 16th

    Your response:

    a) I can only play Friday
    b) I can only play Saturday
    c) I can play on either day
    d) I cannot play on either day

    Anyone who cannot commit to the final day will be put on the substitutes list as a potential back-up player.

    Team formation will happen as soon as we pick a day. We'll also talk more about league/cup format, and performance rewards.

  • I am good for either day. Only thing is some nights I get home from work at 7:05.

  • My response is b) I can only play Saturday

  • I can play both (C)

  • I can play either day.

  • I can play either day :)

  • I would be happy to just be a spare, got a few things on the go already so I am quite busy.

  • Most likely both, Fridays may be better.

  • Can't play at those times, sorry guys.

  • Starting at 7, I'm not available every Friday, I get home at 9 every other Friday.

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