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  • PFC Luca: hey i just met you and this is crazy i have alzheimers, hey i just met you

  • AP1s2 drill
    PFC vandall: Luca what is your AIT
    PFC Luca: ..... i dont know

  • PFC Vandall: What do a battle rifle and a microwave in common ?
    PFC Vandall: they both go ping when they are done

  • Cpl. Svenson in platoon drills.
    Whoop whoop whoop whoop.
    Echo is clear!
    2 seconds later

  • Cpl. Dongen, bored when dead at Company Drill:
    22:38 - Cpl. Dongen [29ID]: HON + HON = HONHON

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    Get's down tiered in War Thunder

    PFC Baron: "Thank the lord!"

    PFC Doe: "God's Busy but I'm here"

  • 22.56 - Cpl. Svenson [29ID]: "No aggression left in these ones"
    22.57 - Cpl. Svenson [29ID]: "Like a team of De Croms"

  • "Iraq is the new Australia" - Robles - 21st September 2017

  • "I'm too scared to walk slowly, so I am going to use the engine trick"

    PFC Tsimarakis

  • PFC Ixer [29ID]: real men play fifa, not PES
    T4 Sterk [29ID]: Who says I am a real man Ixer?

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    Cpt. Fritz comment my comment on a Ro2 related picture at steam


    Ya old bastard.

  • PFC Heeskens: drop out afther live

  • "good job mate keep it up" - 22 people on Ryasonens AQB

  • While discussing leadership in the 29th

    CW2 Lagenbrunner: 29th has multiple layers of leadership. You saw just how much there was when you were at the squad level, there are multiple other layers with all new things to experience.

    T/5 Willis: The 29th is like an onion with all its layers.

    CW2 Lagenbrunner: Basically, each layer you get to brings you more tears.

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    CW2 Lagenbrunner: REDACTED

  • "Don't be a hero lads, ****." - 2Lt. Kear

  • Talking about Euro Truck, trying to meet up in the Netherlands
    T/5 Vonk: "I'm in Rotterdam"
    PFC Laird: "That's in Amsterdam right?"
    Whole channel: "No it's the Netherlands"
    PFC Laird: "Yeah, Amsterdam, that's the country"

  • T/3 Slomczynski [29th IT]: I hate that short phrases that you have to translate into longer sentences
    SSgt. Kruithof [29th ID]: don't try epigraphy then ^^
    SSgt. Kruithof [29th ID]: They are horrible because the verb is often not written
    T/3 Slomczynski [29th IT]: exactly
    T/3 Slomczynski [29th IT]: at least it's not ancient hebrew where you have to guess vowels since they are not scribed :D
    SSgt. Kruithof [29th ID]: Oo
    T/3 Slomczynski [29th IT]: KRTHF
    SSgt. Kruithof [29th ID]: SLMCZNSK
    SSgt. Kruithof [29th ID]: well
    SSgt. Kruithof [29th ID]: actually I just wrote polish
    T/3 Slomczynski [29th IT]: :D

  • 2Lt. Wolf's OCS Scrim II Warmup

    Cpt. Fritz: ANARCHY! GO use your AITs before Sgt. Wolf gets here
    T/4 Dethfield: whats an ait

  • PFC Harmon: https://gyazo.com/941bc7cf3a69cca36af8bf3270d12387
    PFC Harmon: https://gyazo.com/0e1542f64c271d4820a8430f3973ebc1
    Ixer: is that me
    PFC Harmon: Sure
    Ixer: wait nah im on 51?
    PFC Harmon: Wait what?
    Ixer: 51 hours past 2 weeks?
    PFC Harmon: Oh that first one was the wrong link

  • PFC Le: why did you hate sitting through logan
    Pvt. Harding [29ID]: it was just abad film
    PFC Le: why
    Pvt. Harding [29ID]: its so awful
    Pvt. Harding [29ID]: so hes got like intergalactic space aids
    Pvt. Harding [29ID]: and is dying
    Pvt. Harding [29ID]: so instead of taking more of that superman shit
    Pvt. Harding [29ID]: he just
    Pvt. Harding [29ID]: dies
    Pvt. Harding [29ID]: ?????
    Pvt. Harding [29ID]: and i dont like superhero films

  • Casually talking about guns, talking about which Glocks are my favorites

    Pvt. Lehtsaar [29Ret]: Well, nothing beats 9/11.
    Lehtsaar: I mean 1911!

  • 19:42 - Pvt. Ryasonen [29ID]: sir, u sounds mad

  • PFC Devseli [29ID]: WE SHALL KICK ASS
    PFC Devseli [29ID]: WE SHALL ''DEV'' IT
    PFC Devseli [29ID]: :D
    PFC Cassano [29ID]: Damnit Devseli
    PFC Cassano [29ID]: Get out
    PFC Cassano [29ID]: Shoo

  • Ixer: what does melodrama rhyme with?
    Ixer: go on
    Ixer: see if you can guess
    Le: mum gay

  • Pvt. Ryasonen: stalingrad is not exist

  • Love that little Ryasonen.

  • PFC Ental [29ID]: I shot each finger of both your legs

  • PFC Devseli [29ID]: can i line between 2 polish chaps ?
    PFC Devseli [29ID]: you and stach
    PFC Devseli [29ID]: i head it brings good luck
    PFC Devseli [29ID]: heard*
    PFC Szulik [29ID]: ok look out
    PFC Szulik [29ID]: if its vienna
    PFC Szulik [29ID]: in XVIII century
    PFC Devseli [29ID]: >:/

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    Charlie 7 (FSgt. Balzer) said:
    there are 5 people on the planet who know how RHS helicopter missiles work...
    the laser guided, Radar Guided, angry glare guided....

    During a very heated fire fight:
    SSgt. Frank: I can't shoot! I can't shoot!
    A little while later...
    SSgt. Frank: I have a gun that has no bullets!
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