4 Years of Service (Jonas J. Gates)

Sgt. Falenty said:

Cpl. Gates When I first met Cpl. Gates he seemed like a pretty chill dude. When I look at Cpl. Gates now, he is, indeed, a pretty chill dude. In all seriousness though, this Cpl. before you has been chugging away as S1s Assistant Squad Leader for well over a year now. Never straying away from helping out his squad, or his platoon. He’s even been going out and participating in some outside events, like the recent OFCRA one, proudly representing the 29th. Following Cpl. Tan’s discharge, Gates took over the Squad Leader role, with even more members in the squad than before. Let’s all congratulate Cpl. Gates on his milestone of the 4th year served in the unit. Cpl. Gates, Congratulations on your 8th Army of Occupation Medal, and your 2nd World War 1 Victory Medal.