5 Years and Six Months of Service (Steven Van. Dongen)

Sgt. J. Wright said:

Sgt. Van Dongen is quite the popular man in EP1 and the 29th. He is very well known by the fishes in the river of Al Basrah and he has cultivated a great squad culture EP1S3 that pump out Memes like no other. He is probably one of the funniest lads in the 29th but don’t let that fool ya, he is one of the most committed, anyone who stays around as long as Van Dongen is either mad or just loyal, Well Sgt. is both! He recently moved to Platoon Leadership and decided that he loved it so much, he joined the real army. This man is not only learning to be a great Platoon Sgt. he decided to join the real army so he could get more experience to bring back to the 29th. Talk about being mad and loyal. Well with that, I am glad to award you with your 11th AOCC. Well done :smiley:


Congratulations Sgt. Van. Dongen!

Absolute mad lad! Well done Båååången