5 years of Service (Alperen Tedik)

PFC Kucera said:

PFC Tedik has been with us for half a decade. Once he spots someone with his best partner - the rocket launcher, he is guaranteed to decimate any moving things that pop up. Be it a vehicle, a soldier or a rabbit the choice is yours. His proficiency with rocket launchers has not only safeguarded the lives of his fellow squadmates but has also contributed significantly to the success of any mission that he takes part in. Congratulations PFC Tedik on your 10th AOCC, may your rockets continue to fly straight at the enemy. Ever Forward.

Congratulations PFC Tedik on your 10th AOCC. Ever Forward.


Big 5 Tedik, congrats!

Tedik doing tedik things, congrats and keep that AT pointing the other way and not towards me.