Any recs for getting started with air rifles?

Anyone wanna recommend any brands or rifles to start off with in the US? I aim to take part in the shooting part of the olympics, but that still takes much practice. Please recommend air rifles only. Thanks.

What type (pneumatic, co2, pump, break-barrel etc), and where do you intend to buy it from (online vs big box store)?

If you are just looking to practice marksmanship fundamentals, anything that shoots pellets over 1000fps will do you good. I have both a daisy pump, and a ruger airhawk break-barrel. The daisy handles rats proper (you can pump it just a few times to reduce overpenetration - not exactly relevant), but ruger is basically a .22 :slight_smile:

10m air rifle from online. I was recently shown a 10m daisy rifle on amazon and currently have it in my cart. I aim - no pun intended - to compete in the olympics for that one day. I might also look into 50m rifles later on. I’m aware that by the time I do qualify for the olympics, if I do, I will likely need an air rifle that is priced around 1k USD.