Arma 3 S.O.G. Prairie Fire

S.O.G. Prairie Fire drops on May 6th, since we’re on new forums now, I’m remaking this thread to talk about it and coordinate play between 29thers.

I already got it, as soon as I get home Ill start looking into all we can do with it.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo Dog drills with Charlie when

+1 for playing together at 9/10 PM EST

did i hear Battalion drills?

I wouldn’t be opposed

So an update on the SOG server. It is set and can be run. However Mike Force files are not available for dedicated servers yet. We can run the COOP campaign and possibly liberation on it for now.

Mike force is released and ready to go on the server!

How does the DLC compare to a mod like Unsung? Is it better, worse?

Main differences are: Unsung has more assets as in vehicles, weapons and such but SOG has everything way more fleshed out and detailed. The map in SOG puts all of the Unsung ones to shame combined and SOG comes with a coop campaign which is great and new game modes, new mechanics, enterable tunnel systems, revamped AI and more. Overall itself SOG is well worth it.

So far, I’ve started (but haven’t completed) most of the co-op missions. Each time I did one though, it was with a group no bigger than 5. This would be a ton of fun to play with a much larger team, hopefully even the full 14. So, I’ll post this here well in advance so you have time to see it, but let’s plan to form a team and play some co-op (haven’t dabbled with MF yet). Let’s see if we can get a team together Wednesday after DP2 platoon debrief in DP2S2 channel? Should be about 10pm EST. Hope to see you all there!

GMT boys are already dabbing heavy in Mike Force and co op missions almost every day after 5 pm. If anyone wants to join us add me on Steam to see when we are online. We are regularly around 6-8 people so more are always welcome.

Sounds good, I’ll see if I can hop on.

I’ve just joined but would love to play the DLC with y’all if you’re still interested!

We still play it, just slowed down a bit due to work, keep an eye out in Charlie barracks or send me a friend invite on Steam to notify you when we are on.

Got an event posted for early March in 1st BN ops

Anyone interested in getting together for some SOG? I’d like to run the campaign with some fellas.


Sometime this week would be preferable, I was thinking like Tuesday or Thursday.

If its GMT friendly I am down