Award (Aiden P. McArdle)

Sgt. Sutera said:

Anyone who has been around long enough or has been under Sgt. McArdle’s leadership knows that he shows a true dedication to all things 29th. Whether thats scrim prep, guesting, working with other units to get events, etc. He really does exemplify a what it is to be a leader in the 29th. This has been evident most recently by his willingness to pick up and run multiple platoon drills over the past 6 weeks when myself and SSgt. Crane have been too busy. He was very eager to lend a hand and make sure that things continued to run smoothly without hiccups and without hesistion, always offered his assistance in taking over a good few drills. This effort has been a tremendous help to his Platoon leadership and I feel he has been more than deserving of his first Good Conduct Medal. Congrats Sgt. Keep up the great work.


Congratulations Sgt.
You deserved it

This good Sgt has helped me into the leader I am today and continues to help me with the questions I have. This is a medal that is incredibly deserved congrats.

Congratulations Sergeant. Took you long enough.