Award (Alex W. Crane)

Sgt. Maj. Dethfield said:

SSgt. Crane as of late has been a large contributor in some of 2nd. Battalions biggest projects. First and foremost, he is leading the way for our first ever PST platoon, maintaining the standards in discipline and training that we attribute to the 29th. In addition to this, he also stepped down from his SDI position to take on the honorable task of training new recruits specifically requesting PST. Pulling both roles as DI and Plt. Sgt. is no easy task, but SSgt. Crane is pushing through, making sure that our expansion as a unit keeps pace.

Not shying away from further responsibilities, SSgt. Crane also volunteered to run this years EBOTS (which quickly changed to BBOTS). Rolling with the punches of a battalion wide change, and apart from one initial hick-up with time zone mix-ups, I think we can all say that this Battle of the Squads competition was one of the most well oiled competitions we have seen yet in 2nd. BN. From the creation of scenarios to the posting of matches and even the the running of rounds, SSgt. Crane carried much of the operation on his shoulders.

SSgt. Crane has time and time again proven himself a capable NCO of the 29th. His most recent exploits only solidify his drive. It is with this that I would like to recommend the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for his efforts.

Congratulations, SSgt. Crane!

Big award for a big man


Well earned

Has been a blast to know you

Awesome work!

Nice job there guy!

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