Award (Alex W. Crane)

1Lt. Kelso said:

During 2Lt. Running’s second OCS scrimmage, SSgt. Crane was tasked with leading a sector of the team to defend a group of Ammo Boxes. Throughout the first part of the round, SSgt. Crane headed to the southern objective border and set up his one-manned Tigr-M Kord RWS looking at the northern hillside of the objective which is where the enemy team would eventually find themselves positioned. From this spot, SSgt. Crane was able to secure 2 kills with the vehicle and quickly got the enemy forces’ attention. Shortly after acquiring these two kills, SSgt. Crane’s vehicle was hit by a rocket which set the vehicle on fire forcing him to dismount. While dismounting, SSgt. Crane was receiving heavy gunfire in his direction and was forced to head further south into the hills to reposition. Once he was in a spot where he could reset and give the team orders, he moved his way along the southern hillside and worked his way up to the eastern side of the objective, and was able to secure 6 more kills with his PKP machine gun. It should be noted that all of the kills on the ground were at 400+ meters. This was no easy task for an average infantryman and required a lot of skill, map knowledge, and overall coolheadedness to be achieved. Especially all while leading a sector of the team. For skill in combat, SSgt. Crane is being awarded a Bronze Star.

Well done SSgt, congratulations!

It was an honour to die with you on that point. You certainly bloodied their noses !

Well earned, SSgt. Congrats!