Award (Allen D. Fudge)

2Lt. Quiles said:

During the last round of EP3’s final BBoP match EP3S2 was tasked with defending an objective located in the southeast of our movement restrictions. As the attack started T/5 Fudge started firing his grenade launcher, in short, and accurate volleys. As they moved closer to the tree line he directed his fire on where he could tell were areas of high concentration. T/5 Fudge was able to accurately place 3 grenades in a row into a small group of enemies, killing 3. As the attack progressed and it was known that they were crossing the street into our movement restrictions T/5 Fudge continued to fire his grenade launcher hoping to injure those on the move and out of cover, in doing so he was able to kill another attacker. Once the fight turned to close quarters T/5 Fudge waited patiently for the enemy, using his position to its fullest potential he killed anyone who advanced toward the objective, killing two. Soon after obtaining his sixth kill, he was killed by a grenade fired by the final enemy who was subsequently killed. T/5 Fudge demonstrated a truly intimate knowledge of his AIT, having killed over a third of the enemy team, he was an absolute powerhouse.


Congrats T/5 Fudge, well done