Award (Dainius Valiūnas)

2Lt. Griffin said:

Having been tasked with taking over Finance Office just under 18 months ago, the need to carry out some urgent restructuring was critical to ensuring the continued function of the Office, this was no small task, owing to a number of staff changes and departures at the time, I needed to quickly identify the right person to be my right hand and help me do all the things that needed to be done to both ensure the day to day taskings of the office were taken care of without disruption, whilst also being at the centre of creating new process’s and procedures.

T/5 Valiūnas is a time served member of the 29th, and well known to me as my long suffering Platoon Clerk, but has also been a part of the Finance Office since 2017, this made him the perfect person for me to rely on in the restructuring of the Finance Office.

To name but a few things, T/5 Vali has been instrumental in the leadership, training, day to day management of the office, and ensuring that all those assigned to various tasks within the running of the office are keeping on top of their work, aware of their schedule, and ensuring the quality of the work being delivered. This has also led to some changes in our documented and undocumented process’s created and led by him.

For his ongoing hard work and commitment to the Finance Office, a place where no news for the most part is good news, paired with his willingness to go above and beyond whenever required, it is my pleasure to see T/5 Valiūnas awarded the Armed Forces Service Medal.


Congratulations T/5 Vali!

Congrats T/5. Thank you for your contributions to the Regiment.

Congratulations Ast. Chief! Well deserved

Congrats T/5 Vali!

Congratulations Vali, very cool :wink: !


Congrats T/5 Vali!

Congrats dude! The office is definitely a better place having you around!

Congratulations my friend!