Award (David Drake)

1Lt. Nelson said:

In the course of ATC #13, the 29th was tasked initially to screen the defense sector by taking the heights to the NW of the zone. T/4 Drake and Pvt. Happy deployed as a forward overwatch element. Due to factors outside of our control, battlefield command above the Platoon Level was next to none, leaving most other elements confused about movements, timing, and general tasking resulting in no / minimal coordination between the elements.

When one of those units were passing his position, T/4 Drake seized the initiative and got in touch with that unit - organizing them, setting up their radio frequencies, AND providing as much context as possible for them to proceed to operate in conjunction with us. That unit along with the 29th contingent eventually maneuvered onto the enemy held sector and successfully assaulted, captured, and defended the sector from enemy attack. Had T/4 Drake NOT seized the initiative, organized the unit next to him and set them up for success, the sector would certainly not have held, resulting in at least a tie if not all out loss.

For his composure in a difficult and confusing battlefield situation and his contributions to taking and defending the sector, T/4 Drake is hereby awarded a Army Commendation Medal.


Congrats T/4!

As dependable as ever T/4! Congrats!