Award (DP3S1)

2Lt. Deb said:

Dog Company Battle of the Squads, DBotS, has been an event we have been doing for about three years now. Each year we have witnessed different squads show their improvements and abilities over the previous years. DP3S1 follows this trend. Back in the first DBotS, DP3S1 made it to 5th place tied with other squads of the total ten participants. For the second DBotS, we saw improvements as they were able to secure 4th place from the 13 different squads. Now finally, the third time fighting for the gold, they achieved it. DP3S1 was able to successfully beat all other squads with a flawless 5-0 record and being this year’s winners of DBotS. Congratulations, DP3S1, on winning DBotS and receiving your Meritorious Unit Citation.


Sgt. Zylath
Cpl. Capwell
T/5 Murray
T/5 Fleming
T/5 Scovel
T/5 Greeves
T/5 Wallison
PFC Frank
PFC Hesse
PFC Sanzotera

Finally the squad getting the recognition that it deserves, congratulations gents! Extremely well fought

Many thanks to all involved, it was an arduous and well fought battle for all parties involved.

Looking forward to DBOTS IV to see if we can remain undefeated, or if the MUC will get passed on to another worthy squad! :blush:

GGWP, gents! o7

Congratulations DP3S1!