Award (EP3)

SSgt. Gibson said:

Scrim prep is infamous in its difficulty both for the platoon being deployed and those guesting to help prepare them. The stakes are at their highest, more eyes are watching, and the reactions to everything are more pronounced. The most dedicated members of the unit embrace this. They embrace the pressure and stress even when they are not apart of those being deployed. Cpl. Bukey, Cpl. Hamilton, and PFC Vargas all demonstrated their dedication to the unit be guesting a truly impressive number of FP2’s drills as they prepared for their scrim. This was on top of their own drills and their own responsibilities. Their effort and dedication are necessary for victory, and to recognize them for their contribution, they are being awarded Good Conduct Medals. Congratulations and thank you!


Cpl. Bukey
Cpl. Hamilton
PFC Vargas

Congrats EP3!