Award (FP2)

FP2 has proven itself to the be the top platoon in the Second Battalion Battle of the Platoons Part II. FP2 was excellent throughout the competition, taking a commanding lead in the first season and never losing a match throughout. With this superb performance they have earned their title as the champion of the battalion and are being awarded the Meritorious Unit Citation.


2Lt. Sutera

SSgt. Crane


Cpl. Simonson
PFC Quartz
Cpl. Moran [Ret.]
T/5 Officer
T/5 Maestas
PFC Laux
PFC Younger
PFC Melero
PFC Leite
PFC Skleros
PFC Agee [Ret.]
PFC Terry [Ret.]
PFC Dunc [Ret.]
PFC Vilzom
PFC Robinson [Ret.]


Sgt. McArdle
Cpl. Page
T/5 Jess
T/5 Shields
PFC Davis
PFC Hollens
PFC Iteroni
PFC Mahon
PFC Grayson
PFC Ortiz [Ret.]


Cpl. Argerham
Cpl. Kabloski
T/5 Gillespie
T/5 Gagnon
PFC Mendoza
PFC Beer
PFC Jacob
PFC Ericson
PFC Martin
PFC Riley
PFC Bruer