Award (Garrett D. Dott)

2Lt. Ericksen said:

During Situation Rocky, the Charlie Company contingent was on the attack attempting to make it to the crash site in a heavily wooded mountain valley. Facing an uphill battle of problems literally in-game and out with technical issues galore the contingent suffered heavy losses. The situation seemed grim and nearly hopeless, teetering on the edge of disaster. However, Sgt. Dott was there. He rallied the survivors using all of his capabilities and reorganized them into a cohesive fighting force. From there, he found the most advantageous route for the group and led them to victory attacking up the hill. Without his efforts, the round would surely have been lost.

For these actions, I am proud to award Sgt. Dott an Army Commendation Medal. Congratulations, Sgt. Ever forward.


Congrats Sgt. Dott!

Congratulations, Sgt!

Nice job Dott

Congrats Sgt Doot. Keep this up and one day you’ll be as good of a leader as me :wink: