Award (Garrick L. Roland)

T/5 Grissom said:

PFC Roland has been doing amazing recently in the lighthouse office. Not only is he one of the most excellent and proficient soldiers I have had the privilege of working with in the 29th, he is also a very valuable asset to the lighthouse office as a whole. Ever since PFC Roland had the conversation with his Squad Leader, Sgt. Bukey, about his interest in becoming an Enlistment Clerk, it was clear that he would be a dedicated EC, and I am more than pleased that I was right, for once. Ironically, most of the new members in the 29th in 2nd Battalion more than likely had your enlistment approved and processed by PFC Roland.

PFC Roland has spent long hours learning the lighthouse policies off to a tee, understanding all the procedures we have and exercising them always. In the past, PFC Roland has gone above and beyond his standard duties and began assisting the drill staff by guesting BCT Platoons often in several different time zones, helping train recruits and preparing them for their time in the unit. As well as offering his time to the drill staff, PFC Roland often answers questions for the recruits when they ask them which isn’t actually an Enlistment Clerk’s responsibility. Additionally, I receive common messages from Roland summarizing the week in the enlistment office which is extremely helpful to us seniors.

When I require a second opinion on a decision that doesn’t require Lighthouse HQ, PFC Roland is usually my go-to guy who I can count on for an honest discretion. For his efforts and commitments inside the lighthouse office as a whole, Lighthouse HQ and I are more than pleased to award PFC Roland with an Armed Forces Service Medal. Congratulations, PFC Roland. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.

Nice job!

Great work my friend.

Congrats, very well deserved!