Award (Hunter L. Neilson)

2Lt. Quiles said:

During the second round of EP2’s platoon drill on 4/11/2022, PFC Neilson was tasked with defending the train station in the north of Fallujah against the entirety of EP2. Upon Live he made his way to the warehouse located just South-East - here he set his trap. Using his extensive game knowledge, he was able to communicate with me as to the enemy’s positions using only sound. His marks were accurate and swift, which lead to effective mortar rounds hampering the enemy’s push. As EP2 made its advance towards the train station, he knew he would be enveloped and took a defensive position on top of the warehouse - continuing to update the enemy’s positions and directions they were headed. As the enemy fully encircled him, he began to spring into action. Using precise, 2-3 round bursts, he effectively killed all priority AITs before moving onto less vital enemy assets. Continuing to communicate with me, he kept dropping enemies. All the while continuing to update movements and positions with his own marks. When the smoke cleared, PFC Neilson had 12 kills. However, this was not his only contribution throughout the round. His sole use of marks and accurate communication allowed for the mortar to also secure 5 kills. In the end, PFC Neilson’s actions accounted for approximately the elimination of 20 enemies.

Congratulations PFC Neilson! You are most certainly a scary soldier to play against…