Award (Jake S. Sigal)

Sgt. Garrett said:

I recently needed to go on ELOA because I had to move to a new state for work. When I told Cpl. Sigal about this, he said it was no problem at all and he’d cover for me without hesitation. I instantly knew the squad would be in good hands while I was gone, and Cpl. Sigal proved me right multiple times along the way. I received updates from the squad about how well they performed at drills, and that the squad drills Cpl. Sigal came up with were both challenging but rewarding. This really helped ease my transition to my new home, and it really wouldn’t have been as smooth without Cpl. Sigal’s help. For his great work while I was gone and keeping the squad in one piece, I proudly recommend him for a Good Conduct Medal. Congrats, Cpl. Sigal and thanks again!

I owe you one. Congrats!