Award (James P. Sarsfield)

Cpl. Regan said:

For the last few weeks I’ve had the privilege to witness the machine that is Cpl. Sarsfield. While I’ve been sick with COVID he’s been smashing away leading the squad and taking on my responsibilities with paperwork. He’s consistently present with a great attitude and always trying to improve himself and the squad as a whole. I’m incredibly grateful to have him as my ASL and greatly appreciate all his hard work to keep the squad focused and moving forward. For these reasons and many others I believe him to be deserving of a Good Conduct Medal. Thank you for your service Cpl. Sarsfield.

Well deserved Cpl.Sarsfield, well done and congratulations!

Congratulations Cpl!

Well earned! Enjoy your Good Cookie, Monster. The only possible thing GCM could mean right?