Award (Julek E. Kabloski)

Sgt. Mellinger said:

PFC Kabloski has been a stellar SLT candidate throughout his SLT journey. With all of the lessons and the mentorship Cpl. Maestas and I have given him, he has shown to both of us that he can apply all that he has learned. He has taken it upon himself to go out of his and individually teach one of our AIT holders which has proven to be successful. He has also stepped up in front of the squad and has addressed issues and has handled them in a good manner. If you did not see his position, you would honestly think he would be in a leadership position. PFC Kabloski cares a lot about our squad and puts in the extra effort to help make the squad the best it can be. He has really gone above and beyond lately and we see him worthy of being a Good Conduct Medal.

Thanks for all the help in FP2S2, good work does not go unnoticed.

Very nice!! Well deserved!