Award (Kwinten Meerts)

Cpl. Dawdy said:

Corporal Kwinten Meerts has distinguished himself by outstanding performance of duty as Dog Company Ordnance Instructor. As an instructor, Cpl. Meerts diligently performed his duties in an exceptional manner with outstanding results. His initiative and resourcefulness in assisting his fellow instructors in teaching clinics were always evidence and contributed significantly to the efficiency attained within Dog Company clinics. Through efficient and intelligence preparation Cpl. Meerts was able to not only conduct multiple clinics within a short time period, but also volunteered to be the first alternate in the event of a cancelled clinic.

Cpl. Meerts’ guidance and kindly supervision generated new interest of clinics across the company and improved the quality of performance from not only his students but also his co-instructors. As a result of his conscientious performance of duty Cpl. Meerts has consistently became a reliable member of Ordnance Corp, and a helping hand in facilitating our mission to provide readily available AIT assistance. Cpl. Meerts’ performance of duty brings distinct credit upon himself, Dog Company First Platoon, and 29th Infantry Division. Thank you for your tireless effort and contribution into providing an exceptional service of knowledge and assistance to all in Dog Company.


Congratulations Cpl. Meerts, really outstanding!

Congrats Meerts!


Congrats Cpl!

Carrying the torch with that medal, congrats!

does the man sleep?

How the hell I did miss that? Congratulations My friend!

Very well earned Sgt! You’ve put true passion and a lot of time into those clinics.