Award (Micheal P. Montgomery)

2Lt. Ericksen said:

For Situation Bullwinkle, the Charlie Company contingent was on the defense; with a tall order - simultaneous defense of three terminals, in which the loss of even one meant defeat. Recognizing this tough situation, Sgt. Montgomery rose to the occasion, with only a short window to put it together to boot. Spending many hours both in and out of game thinking about, documenting, testing, and revising his theories about how the round would play out; even going so far as to lead and mastermind all of the drills in the week leading up to the event including specific documented orders for all teams involved.

On the day of, all of the planning came to fruition with the 2MRB coming right through the expected route of attack. From which the planned response was executed and the day carried. So much so that 1Lt. Anderson of the 2MRB commented “You all splendidly handed us our ass last night, 2Lt.” That victory would not have been possible without Sgt. Montgomery rising to the occasion and carrying the day. Congratulations Sgt. Ever forward.


Congrats Sgt. Monty!

Nice one, Sgt!