Award (Przemysław S. Drozdowski)

Cpl. Dimitrov said:

Ever since his first appearance in the squad, PFC Aboalfa and I loved having him around. Just a couple of drills in the unit and he was already fitting in the squad better than I could’ve ever imagined. Early in his days within the 29th, he started showing off his skills with the rifle and communication. Later on he has decided to step up his game by giving his best to attend every other drill that’s not mandatory for him to help out the said squad or platoon with not only numbers, but by giving them a tough challenge. Pvt. Drozdowski is a core member of EP1S3 and has a significant effect on everyone around him. He is a joyful person and you can never complain for having him around. He is so special that Sgt. J. Wright doesn’t know his name! Your efforts and dedication have been seen by many, congratulations on your Good Conduct Medal, Pvt. Droz!


Congratulations on a successful start in the unit Pvt. Droz!