Award (Robert Friedrich)

SSgt. Meerts said:

PFC Friedrich has always been a member that can be relied upon. He supports his fellow squads with plenty of guesting, he stepped up to lead his squad when needed and he always lifts everyone’s spirits when it’s pubbin’ time. And nothing showcases this better than his efforts to help out DP2 with their scrim preparations. Despite these drills taking place at 2 or even 3 AM, PFC Friedrich showed up for plenty of preps, where he found and shared a number of good positions. And on the day of the scrim, he showed up immediately when summoned, and graciously stepped down when it turned out the extra number wasn’t needed after all. For these efforts, and your general support of your fellow 29thers, you are awarded a Good Conduct Medal! Congratulations, PFC Friedrich!



Congratulations Friedrich, very cool!

Great work PFC, congratulations.

Well earned, congrats Friedrich!

Congratulations Friedrich, your effort is commendable!

good man