Award (Ross J. Chandonnet)

Cpl. Nguyen said:

There are few, nay, none in the 29th whom I have more respect towards than T/5 Chandonnet.
He is a man that I have endlessly praised in the past for his skills in the game as well as his model of comradery. As a man of Able, he saw the foundation of DP2 and his home, DP2S2, nearly 4 years ago and no matter how many members come and go for S2, he still stands tall like an oak tree. More recently in his career here, he became a platoon clerk and an exceptional one at that. For 2 years and counting, he has ALWAYS been on top of everything. He makes sure that every single award and quote get handed out timely. He delivers transfers to members immediately after they’re approved. He writes platoon drills AARs every week with the greatest of details. He steps up to assist in company level tasks when he’s called upon. Truly, it is about time that he is recognized for his admirable personality and dedication towards the 29th. Congratulations, T/5 Chandonnet!

I think you deserve it more than I ever do T/5.


Well earned T/5!

One of the best. Glad you’re with us old man.

Congrats T/5, glad to have you as our platoon clerk!

Congratulations T/5 Chandon!

We’re lucky to have you Channing Tatum!

Congratulations T/5 Chandonnet!

Congratulations T/5 Chandon, I am honored to be in a squad with you!