Award (Ross M. Dethfield)

CSM Conrad said:

Every once in a while, a genuinely revolutionary member enters the 29th that can change everything. They come to us not only with a fresh perspective, but with the knowledge, skills, and dedication to back up that perspective. I am glad to say that this “once in a while” kind of member is standing before you today, and that we are lucky to have him as Battalion SNCO of Second Battalion.

Sgt. Maj. Dethfield has been nothing short of a revolution in leadership since he entered Company Headquarters, and his impeccable efforts have continued as he has risen through the ranks. Sgt. Maj. was instrumental in our expansion into Regimental structure, inspiring the change both through words and the incredible leadership over Easy Company that left us with no choice but to expand both our rank structure and roster structure to accommodate. He has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to develop the NCOs of the unit, both within Second Battalion and outside of it, through formal and informal mentoring. Without Sgt. Maj. Dethfield, we would not have completed the creation and implementation of the less than secret Sergeant School, nor would it be anywhere near as successful. He has become a powerful asset to Regimental Headquarters, and has become an incredible support to my daily efforts in the unit. Through his actions and ambitions, he has fundamentally improved the entire 29th, and I look forward to his continued time and growth in the unit.

Sgt. Maj. Dethfield is without a doubt the most active, engaged, and influential member in the entire 29th ID at this moment, no exceptions. It is only right then that he be awarded the unit’s 4th ever French Croix de Guerre, the first ever awarded to an NCO. Congratulations Sgt. Maj.

Truly deserved don’t think Ive ever meet a more influential member in my whole career here.

Congratulations, Sergeant Major!

Congrats Sergeant Major, few people in the 29th have been as important or dedicated as you!

Well deserved Sergeant Major, glad I got to know you over these past few years

Congratulations Sergeant Major!

Very cool. Congrats, Sergeant Major!

Congratulations Sergeant Major!

Thank you for your dedication, Sergeant Major! Congratulations!

Definitely a tireless source of inspiration and positive impact. Thank you, Sgt. Major!

Truly deserved award. Hardest and most committed 29th member I’ve ever come across.

Thank you for your efforts Sgt. Maj. - well deserved! Congratulations!

We’re French Iron Cross brothers now! Congrats Sgt. Maj. Thank you for literally all the assistance you provide in making 2nd. Battalion function. It would not be the same without you.

Truly deserved, Sergeant Major.

Thank you for your dedication! Ever forward.

Congratulations Sgt. Maj.!!

Thats a big one, congratulations!