Award (Sebastien M. Pepin)

2Lt. Deb said:

Private, First Class Sebastien M. Pepin is a member I hope other members would have aspirations in becoming. PFC Pepin is a great example in what we look for in a member. He understands the importance of attending drills, including company drills, and shows up every time. He knows how important it is for each squad to receive guests, so he puts his time and effort into promoting guesting and helping each squad. The final thing that made me think PFC Pepin deserves this award is his character. This PFC has made his position in the 29th about helping people. For these efforts, PFC Pepin will be receiving his second Good Conduct Medal. Congratulations, PFC Pepin!


Aaaay congrats Pepin!

big nice

Congratulation PFC Pepin!

Congrats Pepin, you’re the goat

Congratulations Pepin! You’re the embodiment of consistency and persistence