Award (Terry N. York)

Sgt. Maj Ross M. Dethfield said:

Sgt. York has earned a GCM. How this happened, I am not sure. He was an extremely troublesome, tardy individual when he first joined to the point where he came into a drill late, and after the brief began to vault over his SL repeatedly while his Company CO watched. I was mildly annoyed. Yet today, he is known to be a very capable leader. So much so that he always steps up to lead teams of all sorts whenever the opportunity arises. When that dreaded empty comms chat occurs when volunteers are asked for, Sgt. York constantly steps in to remedy this problem that makes senior NCO’s lose their mins. He is an example for the SLT candidates to follow and an indication for those around him - if he has to fill the silence to volunteer to lead, the SLT candidates present have failed.

Amazing work Sergeant. Well done and congratulations!