Award (William A. Hatfield)

Sgt. J. Wright said:

Sgt. Hatfield has performed his duties as an SL quite well since getting into EP1S1 but he never got a real challenge until he lost his ASL and was stuck with running the Squad all by himself. I thought this would be make or break for the Sgt. and was leaning on the break. But he surprised me and impressed Sgt. von Dongen, with perseverance and grit through this trying time he was able to keep S1 together despite the many challenges and did this without complaint. In EP1 HQ we want to recognise these sorts of efforts and are happy to award him with a GCM, Well done.

How much did you pay for this medal?

Congratulations Sgt. Hatfield!

We all know I purposely went to 1S3 so you can get this award. You were a great SL Sgt. I’m glad to see you up in Platoon HQ now, congratulations!