Awards (2nd Battalion)

This past summer, the following members of 2nd Battalion participated in multiple events with Squad Ops representing the 29th to the best of their ability. For their participation and professional conduct during this event, the following soldiers will receive the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.

Easy Company

2Lt. J. Wright
Sgt. Hatfield
Cpl. Boman
Cpl. Sabith
Cpl. Dimitrov
Cpl. Hapers
T/5 Buuts [Ret.]
T/5 Lans
T/5 Grissom
T/5 MacMillan [Ret.]
PFC Apperley
PFC Pritchard
PFC Turki
PFC Shaffer
PFC Gerhardt
PFC Fairchild
PFC S. Garcia
PFC Buckner

Fox Company

2Lt. Tremblay
2Lt. Sutera
Sgt. McArdle
Cpl. Formosa
Cpl. Kabloski
Cpl. Taylor [Ret.]
PFC Melero
PFC L. Martin
PFC Neilson