Awards (Charlie)

1Lt. Nelson said:

Charlie Company, 1st BN participated in a series of four battles along side the 2MRB and other familiar units to fight against the “Arma Tactical Combat” coalition (ATC) in a community scrimmage event. Over a series of four battles, our side had it tough - but our men persevered to continue fighting through to the final battle, which was fought to a draw.

A full WARNO and AAR can be accessed here, as reported by TSgt. Halls, Platoon Sergeant of CP1, and Cpl. Nielsen, Squad Leader of CP1S3.

For their participation and professional conduct during this event, the following soldiers will receive the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.

Cpl. Montgomery
Cpl. Nielsen
T/4 Erb
T/4 Drake
T/5 Pinto
T/5 Rodd
PFC Carlson
PFC Cholt
PFC Eagle
PFC Norris
PFC Wells
Pvt. Cliff
Pvt. Zapata
Cpl. Bedekovich[.Ret]

Additionally, the following will get a GCM for their tenacity and perseverance through attending more than one battle:

Cpl. Montgomery
T/4 Erb
PFC Norris


Congrats all!

Congratulations Charlie!

Hard earned medals gents.

Ever forward!

Congrats to all!

Good work Charlie, love to see it!