Badge (Alex W. Crane)

1Lt. Kelso said:

SSgt. Crane is no stranger to the AR AIT. One of the longest serving members in the 29th, he has used the AIT across multiple different games, and has always showcased his capability with any range of machine gun. During SSgt. Crane’s time here in Squad, this has never been more clear. Regardless of the faction, regardless of the weapon, SSgt. Crane is a killing machine, with his machine guns. Due to his previous experience with the AIT, and his current expertise and knowledge with the AIT, it is no surprise that he is now being awarded with 2nd Battalions first ever Automatic Rifleman Expert Badge. Congratulations Staff Sergeant on this tremendous achievement, it is more than deserved.

as long as you dont 360 no scope me i’m ok. congrats

This man spilled blood for the blood god and it was glorious

Whoop! There it is!

sheesh, nice one

Well done, Sarge! Congratulations!


Congrats on the well-deserved expert badge, Dakka Dakka Dakka!