Badge (Alrikr K. Rose)

Cpl. Winston said:

Rose has truly come a long way as a light. Although he started as an already skilled player at the game, PFC Rose has really come into his own with his light AIT. This is because the AIT allows him to engage in his preferred style of close-quarters combat as well as any form of short-range engagement that PFC Rose may find himself in. Because of this, Rose has been a key player in our recent DBOTS matches, as we can always depend on him to attack or defend any position that we ask him to. Furthermore, due to the fact that he is usually the first person to engage the enemy, PFC Rose has become one of the best communicators in the squad. Therefore, congrats PFC Rose on receiving your light sharpshooter badge, few can match your skills with an SMG!


Yuhh! :rose: