Badge (Andrs Hesse)

Cpl. Wallison said:

PFC Hesse Has taken a flagship position in DP3S1. A complete pleasure to talk to and the embodiment of a team player, PFC Hesse has taken the hearts of his fellow squad along with the engines of countless aircraft. After taking the CE AIT, Hesse has proven himself more than a crack shot. Able to snap shot anything from Huey’s to a cobra screaming by at 100+ MPH. T/5 Greeves spent numerous hours to ensure PFC Hesse became the best CE that DP3S1 could have to offer. Hesse has almost a year in the unit, proving his salt time and time again. All the Leadership in DP3S1 can say nothing but fantastic things of our beloved expert. Congratulations on your Combat Engineer Marksman Badge.