Badge (Arthur S. Leite)

Cpl. Moran

The man, the myth, the crazy Brazilian CE-Lawyer that I have come to love. His funky, quirky, yet so likeable personality makes him stick out from the crowd. He is one of the good ones, so much that we can call him a… core member? All jokes aside, PFC Leite is the one I can count on. His go-get-'em mentality is exactly what you like in a CE. Willing to take a shot at almost anything with a rocket, and I mean anything. He slings those things around like they grow on trees. PFC Leite makes it is personal vendetta to wipe the Earth of all noisy-clunky-metal-boxes that have aim bot. He finds it unfair that they have no recoil. You’ve been working on this for awhile now, and it is more than deserved. Congratulations on your CE Marksman badge, Milk - keep blowing stuff up.