Badge (Austin D. Wallison)

Sgt. Zylath said:

Although he recently stepped down from his position as my right hand man in DP3S1, T/5 Wallison has NOT stepped down his intensity for the 29th. Although he will always be a crewman at heart, he decided to take up the mantle of machinegunner when he swapped his Cpl. for his T/5. It was his pet project while he was my ASL, and, over the past few months, it has become his new passion. Wallison has become as competent a machinegunner as any other in the company. Learning from T/5 Scovel and leaning on his strengths, he has developed his skills to the utmost. He and Scovel make an excellent pair of destruction, with Wallison embodying all the best aspects of a defensive MG to help propel DP3S1 to new heights. His MG play was crucial to our DBotS victory, and I am certain there will be even better achievements in his future. Congratulations buddy, this is just the first step in your MG journey.


Congrats Wallison!