Badge (Baxter P. Van West)

Cpl. Hamilton said:

When Van West first joined the squad, he wasn’t particularly skilled as a rifleman or anything like that but he knew how to give good callouts and put himself in the right position for those clutch plays that we see in drills occasionally. After a bit of time he really started showing great improvements in his skills but it wasn’t till he got PFC and picked up an AIT that he really started to shine. Like many, once given the choice, PFC Van West was instantly drawn to the CE AIT and the big booms they can make. Like with his rifle, he wasn’t great at first but with the tips he’s picked up from all the amazing CEs we have in the 29th and all the practice he’s put in with the various kits at his disposal, he has become a force to be reckoned with. With all his hard work, I think it’s about time we give PFC Van West his CE Marksman badge. Keep it up Van West!