Badge (Bradley A. Steinbeck)

2Lt. Tremblay said:

Many of us are intimately acquainted with T/5 Steinbeck given the madlad’s propensity to attend every drill he can and participate heavily in the various corps that keep the 29th running. Even more of us have been connected to God’s WiFi by his kabooms of all sizes and shapes. Whether it be with a C4 or Rocket Steinbeck has proven to be an apt deleter of “Gamer Vehicles”. FP1 has an exceptional pedigree in the area of Combat Engineers. TSgt Newton and I consider ourselves connoisseurs of enemies turned into fine particulate matter and it is our opinion that this particular individual has earned the title of MSc in the field of KABOOM with flying bits and pieces. Congratulations T/5 Steinbeck and good luck towards earning your next degree!


what a gamer move. Congrats T/5 Steinbeck!

Well deserved you mad man!