Badge (Bradley A. Steinbeck)

Cpl. Logan said:

For a while now I’ve gotten to know T/5 Steinbeck and his wittiness with his AIT, as with his skill as a rifleman in the squad. Although I could tell you countless moments where this young lad flourishes amongst his peers, I am not here to story tell, but to talk about something else. T/5 Steinbeck not only loves his AIT, but his love for the 29th is even greater. So much so, he has went out and about, and not recruited 1, not 2, not 3, NOT 4, but 5 individuals. That is almost 5x more than the average 29ther, which is outstanding. Congratulations T/5 Steinbeck on your CAB II, and give the 29th a reason to have to create higher badges for recruiting!




Keep it up T/5! Recruiting is what keeps us alive.