Badge (Brandon J. Terry)

Cpl. McArdle said:

It’s hard to talk about PFC Terry without mentioning his insane drive to become a better combat engineer each and every day. When PFC Terry picked up this explosive AIT a few months back, he fitted right in. I can recall back to his first drill with his new boomstick which resulted in him destroying a tank. If that isn’t a sign I don’t know what is. Over the following months, PFC Terry has worked long and hard to get a full understanding of his rocket launcher. He has truly made an impact both during drills and outside in which he bounces off strategies and ideas off of his fellow squadmates. The amount of time he has put into becoming an excellent combat engineer and making a name for him himself means that it’s about time to reward him for his effort. PFC Terry, it’s my honor to finally award you with your CE marksman badge! Keep yeeting those rockets!